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January 2024: Hong Kong

An aging student who likes taking photos.

I had a lovely time in Hong Kong, and I thought it was a good time to test out Lomochrome’s funky looking purple tinted film I saw at BicCamera, while I was in Japan. This is also the second time I used the Fujifilm ZoomDate, and I think it has made me appreciate my Fujica ST605 a bit more with its manual controls.

I realised this camera defaulting to 100 ISO when film rolls don’t have a DX code built into their cartridge is unfortunate, I think this roll would do better in just a slightly shorter exposure time (if set to 400 ISO).

Camera: Fujifilm ZoomDate 120v

Film: Lomochrome Purple XR (135, 100-400 ISO)


One by one

Sandstone archway
Victoria Prison, Arbuthnot Road Gate

Even on this somewhat cloudy day, the images seemed to feel a little over exposed. There are lots of great shots to capture around Hong Kong, but a lot of them include evenings, or indoor shots where the higher sensitivity would have been nicer.

The famous red taxi in motion

Another classic hobby of mine is trying to capture motion on film. It’s interesting to see the shift in colours using this particular roll. The yellow-orange number plate has turned pink!

Small bay with water
The promenade at Stanley

Maybe it’s something with the colour shift, but I wish there was more of a definition between the sea and the sky. Given that they are shades of blue, without the green(?), it makes it a lot harder to tell between the two.

Pink building
Beesy Bay, orignially in yellow

This building sure popped in person! There are a few cool buildings scattered around Stanley. If they had more of a beach area here it would have been perfect!

Small shopping alley
Shopping alley way

Something that is quite hard to grasp, espeically if you’re in the moment trying to take a picture, is to stand still.