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September 2023: A Disposable from 1996

An aging student who likes taking photos.

These photos were taken on a disposable camera which expired in 1996, which I picked up at a recycling store. I wondered what the photos would look like… and here they are. Unforuntealy, something happend to the take up mechanism and half the photos didn’t seem to come through.

Camera: I’ll update this when I find out what it was.


One by one

Person in front of a building
Me standing in front of the Sydney Opera House

I guess we’ve noticed the degredation of the film and perhaps it also relfects the state that the item was stored in. Some of the images looked dirty as we’ll see more of later. This was taken during the late afternoon with sunset approaching, but a lot of the detail gets left out here.

The W hotel and IMAX

You can see that it only really affects the areas with lower light as this shot with the subject directly facing the direction of the sun seems well lit. The colours have a purple tinge to it.

Kyoto National Museum
Kyoto National Museum

This was one of the dirtier photos, it was an overcast day for this one so the grass seems a lot darker than it is. You can also notice the vingetting around on the edges in these photos. This is probably due to the lens that was on the camera.

Window view from inside a building
A window shot, I wanted to capture the ceiling’s details

With the track record of this camera in low light, it obviously did not capture a lot of the details. To be fair, that area of the building was quite dark. You can see the fillament of the lightbulbs come through. But I wanted to capture the cool pipes which decorated the ceiling of the cafe.

Airplane wing
The view outside my window on my flight to Tokyo

I believe this was the first shot on the camera. You could see all the dirt that was trapped inside the body from a camera that was in storage in who knows what condition since its manufacturing and expiration and then it being sold to me. 😹