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June 2023: People & Tokyo

An aging student who likes taking photos.

These photos were taken during my stay in Kumamoto, as well as when I visited friends in Tokyo.

Film: Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 400 (135, 400 ISO)

Camera: Fujica ST605


One by one

A Toyota AE86, tofu delivery vehicle

This was just a cool car… also take note of the light leaks in some of these images. I had some trouble rewinding which lead to the exposure of the film to sunlight.

Moving car
Go G wagon, GO!

Speaking of cars! I tried to follow through with the car whils taking this image and I was surprised I managed to keep the car in focus. When you’re tracking a subject, it was difficult to know when I should release the shutter!

Indoor, my favourite pizza place (RIP)

I loved the attention to detail this place had, especially as they sold NY style pizza here. Speaking from the future, it closed down in December 2023, and maybe marked the worst way to start the new year…

Crowded narrow street
Narrow streets of Tokyo

Moving to Tokyo now, I loved the narrow-ness looking down into the street. A car pulled in at just the right time centering itself in the image.

Garage door
RIP Maru-san

This was my first attempt at visiting my Instagram idol’s shop! Too bad it was close for rennovation. Also speaking from the future, Maru-san passed away in early 2024, he was an old doggo.