Roll #2 | Concrete Jungle

Written by Jayden on
Roll #2 | Concrete Jungle

Here was my first day of just walking around and taking photos. I definitely had a lot of fun doing so, but there are definitely some things I needed to work on here, but at least I managed to get all the shots I took developed! I’m looking at you roll 1…

📸 Selected Shots

Why don’t we start with some choice photos here before we go critiquing some of the worse off shots. A lot of these had light leakage (?) but less severe as the parts haven’t actually turned to white yet?

Harbour Strolls

Chinatown, Sydney

I think I left the shutter speed on this at the wrong level. I keep thinking that I should set it to match the environment I’m physically in, rather than considering the environment of what I’m shooting at. I still like how the neon comes out here.

ICC, Sydney

I don’t remember too much about the day, but it was clear skies until the afternoon when a storm was approaching. Some of these photos still look a bit washed out, or have this cool grey tone over the top of everything.

Darling Harbour (Seagull), Sydney

Hello mate. I’m glad the seagull didn’t fly off and looked at me instead, but I can’t help but see that the image feels muddy in general. It’s probably underexposed here.

Darling Harbour, Sydney

Ferris wheel

Pyrmont Bridge, Darling Harbour

My favourite unintentionally artistic shot, the leakage splits the footpath with the water, almost if there’s a divide between the warm land, and the cool sea- especially with those towering structures over to the right and the warship.

Urban Gardens

Now this set of photos were definitely taken on an overcast day, and I set the camera’s shutter speed accordingly, but after reading about colour film preferring more light than less, I could dial down the ISO and go for a slightly lower shutter speed as well.

Shrine gates

Not as sharp as I thought it would be, but behind the gate and under the trees would have been pretty dark.


This one you can’t really make out anything at all, the subject was in the shadows and I didn’t adjust for that.

Kiss from a rose

Perhaps another favourite of mine here- I love how it brings out the red in the rose whilst the other parts of the photo just kind of blend out.


And time for some reflection on some of the other shots that didn’t come out well. A lot of them revolves around having to understand what each of the shutter speed options do with this particular camera. I felt like I had them on the right settings, but they still didn’t come out quite well, or they were barely visible!

Friend on the water, Auburn Botanical Gardens

Small garden gate

These photos would have been taken in somewhat overcast conditions… Still kind of strange that they look so muddy. I’ll have to keep an eye out for how well lit the subject is, rather than the environment on its own.

UTS, Building 8

Same could be said about this, it was quite bright indoors, but perhaps not bright enough for the film I was using! It’s supposed to be full of reflections here.

I must say that on most of the darker shots, the left light leak is quite pronounced- I’m not too sure what it is even…